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Kalevala CAL - Part 4 - Hidden Sun

It is time for the fourth Kalevala CAL square. By the way, do you know, what time the sun rises and sets today in Finland? In Helsinki, our capital city, sun rises at 6:23am and sets at 8:13pm, and in Utsjoki, our northernmost town, sun rises at 5:42am and sets at 8:36pm. The weather is already getting bit chilly on September, but everytime the sun comes out from hidden, it makes our cheeks warm.

Hides the Moon, no more to glimmer, In a rock of many colors; Hides the Sun, to shine no longer, In the iron-banded mountain.

(Poem 47, 21-24)

You can share pictures of Hidden Sun square on social media with #kalevalacal_katkettyaurinko. Hashtag for Kalevala CAL is #kalevalacal.

General Kalevala CAL info and all the links to other parts of the blanket project will be found on the Kalevala CAL page on the blog of Arteeni​.

Designer Portrait: Susku Öysti

I am Susku Öysti, 43 years old and a mother of three children. I work in a printing house of The Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired. I have learnt to crochet now as an adult, via many trials and errors. My first crochet at the first grade at school didn’t go quite well, and only 30 years later I have understood why my square potholder always turned out to be triangular. Along with reading, crocheting is the dearest way to relax for me. I can do exactly what I want. Earlier I have designed crochet patterns only for my own purposes. This CAL project has given me a safe way to try pattern designing and publishing for the first time of my life, with people who are more experienced in this area.

My design, the Hidden Sun square, describes the story of Hostess of Pohjola hiding the sun in the mountain. The sun peeks out of the mountain, surrounded by stones and moss.

Hint to the crocheters of my square: Use your imagination with colours. In what kind of a ground would you hide the sun? In the pattern there is a YouTube link that shows some of the more difficult parts of the pattern.

Favourites of the designer

Yarns: Cotton and cotton mix yarns. I don’t like thin yarns

Colours: All of them, I like to crochet multicoloured pieces

Favourite stitch: I am overjoyed everytime I learn a new stitch

Place to crochet: At home, watching Netflix series nonstop at the same time

Hidden Sun by Susku Öysti

Hints from test crocheters

* Beginner ** Easy *** Average **** Demanding

Rather small Right size Rather big

This square might get a little bit bigger than other squares on average, so if you want you can try a bit smaller hook on this square.


Here you can find all the colours needed in every row for different colour packs (Click to see the lists bigger). The colours for the Metsä / Forest -colour pack can be found also on the pattern itself.

The Hidden Sun Pattern is on Ravelry

A link to the Hidden Sun video, which works as a support for the written pattern. Videos are done by Iris van Meer.

Pattern in Ravelry: 1st click Download, 2nd choose your language:

Other info

You can find pictures of the squares made by other Kalevala CAL participants on Instagram: #kalevalacal #kalevalacal_katkettyaurinko

General Kalevala CAL info and all the links to other parts of the blanket project will be found on the Kalevala CAL –page on the blog of Arteeni.

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