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Pebble Edge Shawl

Pebble Edge Shawl has romantic ruffles with little pebbles popping out like gems or like bobbles in champagne. It adds a little bit of luxury to the everyday life, with a hint of fizzy joy! Enjoyable knitting from the very first stitch!

Sample shawl made of one skein of Manos del Uruguay Marina yarn with 3.5 mm circular needle. It is rather big; even if it is not that high, it is a lot over two meters long! Perfect to wrap around your neck in any situation, at work or party, at summer or winter!! Buy it now on Ravelry!

The pattern is simple mixing garter stitches, increases and bobble stitches.

Please feel free to join to Arteeni Facebook group to get support or just for inspiration!!

SPECIAL THANKS for Mervi Järvensivu, Mia Weckman and Elisabeth Betty Pintado-Diaz for helping me with the pattern!! Postaus suomeksi!

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