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Kalevala CAL - Part 3 - Birth of the World

This is already the third part of our Kalevala blanket! Bluebill has laid her eggs and now it is time to incubate. It is time to tell about the birth of the world as told in Kalevala.

Sits upon her eggs to hatch them,

Quickly warms them on the knee-cap

Of the hapless water-mother;

Hatches one day, then a second,

Then a third day sits and hatches.

(Poem I, 213 - 216)

You can share pictures of the Birt of the World square on social media with #kalevalacal_maailmansynty (which is original Finnish name of this square). Hashtag for Kalevala CAL is #kalevalacal.

General Kalevala CAL info and all the links to other parts of the blanket project will be found on the Kalevala CAL page on the blog of Arteeni​.

Designer Portrait: Soile Olmari

I am Soile Olmari. I retired a few years ago after 40 year career. I don’t have children of my own, however my husband’s grandchild is very close to me. I learnt to crochet at school over 50 years ago. My mother liked to crochet, too. Crocheting is a source of creativity to me. Nowadays I make mainly my own designs and I get inspired by everything beautiful.

I read Kalevala to get the inspiration to the Kalevala-CAL project. Then I designed two squares, The Birth of the World and The Miracle of Growth.

Hint to the crocheters of my squares: I hope some understanding if there is some shortage in the pattern, since I am a beginner in pattern making and still practicing.

Favourites of the designer

Yarns: soft yarns, merino wool, alpaca and cotton

Colours: I like to use a lot of many kinds of beautiful colours

Favourite stitch: Basically all of them are my favourites, but especially I like pop corns and with double crochets you can create many kind of patterns

Place to crochet: The living room couch or the ottoman chair on the terrace in summer

Birth of the World by Soile Olmari

Hints from test crocheters

* Beginner ** Easy *** Average **** Demanding

Rather small Right size Rather big


Here you can find all the colours needed in every row for different colour packs (Click to see the lists bigger). The colours for the Metsä / Forest -colour pack can be found also on the pattern itself.

Birth of the World Pattern

Links to translations (pdf):

(updated on 1.9.2017, fixes on round 3)

A link to Birth of the World video, which works as a support for the written pattern. Videos are done by Iris van Meer.

Other info

You can find pictures of the squares made by other Kalevala CAL participants on Instagram: #kalevalacal #kalevalacal_maailmansynty

General Kalevala CAL info and all the links to other parts of the blanket project will be found on the Kalevala CAL –page on the blog of Arteeni.

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