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Kalevala CAL - The Border - Maiden of Pohjola

The Maiden of, the daughter of Louhi, sits ofthen on the shield of heaven weaving gold or silver fabric. She is so white and bright that you can see her skin through the clothes, flesh through the skin, bones through the flesh and marrow though the bones.

Photo by Milla Elo

Oh! She was fair, that northern maiden,

Famed afar on land and sea!

Sat upon the rainbow's rim,

Shimmered on the shaft of heaven,

Radiant in her washen raiment,

In her white and shining raiment,B

usy weaving cloth of gold,

Carefully the silver threading,

Weaving with a golden shuttle

And a weaver's reed of silver..

(Kalevala, 8th poem)

You can share pictures of the Maiden of Pohjola –border on social media with #kalevalacal_pohjolanneito. Hashtag for Kalevala CAL is #kalevalacal.

Infoa Kalevala CAL:sta ja linkit peittoprojektin muihin osiin löydät Arteenin Kalevala CAL –sivulta.


You can find Sari's presentation from her first pattern Ilmatar.

The Maiden of Pohjola pattern

A link to the Maiden of Pohjola -video which works as a support for the written pattern. Video is done by Iris van Meer.

Other info

You can find pictures of the squares made by other Kalevala CAL participants on Instagram: #kalevalacal #kalevalacal_pohjolanneito

General Kalevala CAL info and all the links to other parts of the blanket project will be found on the Kalevala CAL –page on the blog of Arteeni.

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